Change diabetes to diabetease

Biocon’s Insulin delivery device INSUPen® ‘s extraordinary features in terms of size, function and accuracy help change diabetes to diabetease. Its cutting edge technology has been simplified by judiciously designing INSUPen® to manage diabetes with ease (Efficient, Accurate, Safe and Economical).


With efficiency comes a promise that never deters. INSUPen®’s efficiency lies in its promise of minimum wastage of insulin and minimum force.

The following features help INSUPen® keep this promise of efficiency:

  • Ergonomic Bidirectional Dose Correction
    The dose corrector is built in a way that it can be adjusted back and forth with minimum effort and thus prevents wastage of insulin.
  • Smooth Gear Box Plunger Assembly
    It provides an easily retractable plunger that makes changing the Refil® a smooth and trouble-free experience.
  • High Surface Area
    Unlike other insulin pens, INSUPen® has a large surface area of the plunger disc, which ensures a uniform distribution of pressure leading to less force required for injection.
  • Half Thumb Lift
    Optimised lift at the maximum dose in INSUPen® minimises thumb movement needed to release dose. It requires half the effort to inject in comparison to other insulin pens.


Maintaining high statistical accuracy is to strive for excellence. With its German technology, and its dose accuracy that has passed stringent ISO tests, the mechanisms in INSUPen® give confidence in dialling the dose.

The following features help INSUPen® achieve results with accuracy and precision:

  • Anti-Slip technology
    It is designed in a way that it gives complete grip while adjusting a dose to make each dose accurate. With the anti- slip technology you will be free of doubts whether you have dialled the right dose or not.
  • 100% pass rate for dose accuracy
    An assurance that each INSUPen® has successfully passed stringent tests (ISO 11608-1:2000(E)) for dose accuracy.
  • N6 display
    INSUPen® dose display is clear and bold with excellent contrast.
  • Real time display
    This mechanism enables the user to see the exact dose being taken at any point of time. Real time display ensures that every unit of Insulin taken is constantly being displayed. In this way you avoid any risks of over or under dosing yourself.


Your safety is our priority. And the following features help us attain that:

  • Stop last dose
    A check point that prevents under-dosing of insulin. INSUPen® is built in such a way that it does not allow you to set a dose that exceeds the amount of insulin present in the Refil®.
  • Bayonet coupling with markers
    The pen and the cap are coupled with pre-set markers, which ensure the pen is safely secured by the cap.
  • Safety Button
    The safety button prevents any accidental release of insulin. This feature is absent in other insulin pens where the dosage tends to change without knowledge while injecting.
  • Rota-push technology
    This feature ensures that the injection is administered smoothly into the skin without any jerks.
  • Loud click
    Easy for the visually impaired to confirm the dose. The INSUPen® is built with a clicking noise that makes them aware of how much they are dosing themselves.
  • Single degree of freedom (DOF) plunger disc
    A highly durable plunger disc ensures the plunger’s firm movement, which makes the process of injecting easier.
  • Rust-free anodized Aluminium body
    INSUPen® is free from wear and tear situations because of its Rust-free anodized Aluminium body that gives it a longer lifetime.
  • 33G compatibility
    INSUPen® is also compatible with 33G needles, the thinnest needles available worldwide. These are currently not present in India but available only in Japan INSUPen® ensures an almost pain free injection.


It has been our constant endeavour to give you the best in the most affordable cost.

  • Two complimentary needles per Refil®
    We offer two needles with every Refil®. This increases patient compliance and decreases the rising treatment costs.
  • Programmed for 300+ units
    It guarantees a delivery of at least 300 units of Insulin.