Getting Started with INSUPen®

People in the past have had to struggle with life due to Diabetes, but now Biocon has taken a big leap in alleviating the lives of people with Diabetes. 2011 witnessed the launch of INSUPen®, the first of its kind Insulin Delivery Device introduced in India. With the help of advanced German technology, INSUPen® aids in controlling Diabetes with ease.

General information (Using insulin pen)

Pen information

  • INSUPen® should be handled with care. Do not drop it and avoid knocking it against hard surfaces
  • INSUPen® has no user serviceable parts. Do not try to repair a faulty pen
  • Visually impaired people can use INSUPen® only with the help from someone who is able to follow the instructions completely
  • To minimise the risk of transmission of infectious diseases, your INSUPen® should not be shared with anyone else
  • It is recommended to carry an additional insulin delivery device and insulin of the same type(s) you use, in case your INSUPen® is lost or damaged. Do not change your type of insulin without consulting your healthcare professional
  • Your INSUPen® is designed to be used for 3 years but not later than the expiry date mentioned on the pen carton. Dispose the pen as directed by your health care professional when this time has passed, even if it seems to be in good working condition

Needle information

  • INSUPen® is recommended for use with pen needles from Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) and Ypsomed
  • The directions regarding needle handling are not intended to replace instructions from healthcare professionals, institutional policies and local policies
  • Needles are available in different lengths and gauges. Ask your healthcare professional to determine which needle is best for you
  • Use a new needle for each injection

Cartridge information

  • Do not change your insulin type without taking medical advice
  • Read and follow the instructions provided with Biocon’s 3 ml insulin cartridges