If the insulin injected is not released. Safety test is not repeated as instructed. Make sure the safety test is repeated with every change of the Refil®.
The plunger is not in accordance with the rubber stopper. Make sure the safety test is repeated with every Refil® to get the correct position.
There are air bubbles in the Refil®. Again, make sure the safety test is repeated. Small air bubbles will not affect the dose.
The needle is blocked or damaged. Replace the needle with a new one.
The Refil® holder is not screwed in completely on to the pen body. Screw in the Refil® holder on to the pen body until it reaches the stop position.
The safety button is jammed. The needle has not been attached appropriately. Check if the needle is attached properly.
No dose has been set. Set the desired dosage by turning the dosage selector.
You might be pressing the injection button at an angle. Press the injection button straight down into the skin.
Real time display does not reach “0”. If the dose window shows any number other than “0” after the injection, the entire dose of insulin has not been injected. Make sure that you press the injection button until the “0” position is reached. If this is not possible, you may not have injected your full dose. Do not try to make up the shortfall by giving a second injection.
The Refil® contains air bubbles. The pen has been stored with a needle attached. Always store the pen without a needle attached.
Perform the safety test until the large air bubbles are removed from the Refil®. If air bubbles remain in the cartridge, replace the Refil® with a new one.
The Refil® could be broken. Use a new Refil®.
The dose knob cannot be turned. The Refil® does not contain enough insulin for your full dose. Either inject the remaining and then complete your dose from a new Refil® OR use a new Refil® for your full dose.
The plunger cannot be re-fixed. You may have tried to extract more units from the Refil® than what is present. Hold the plunger return ring firmly in one hand. Hold the dose knob with the other hand. Turn the dose knob back in the anti-clockwise direction until it reaches “0”.
The Refil® holder cannot be screwed on to the pen body. The plunger has not been screwed back completely to its initial position before the Refil® holder was attached. Screw the plunger properly back into the pen body and then attach the Refil® holder to the pen body.
The rubber seal of the Refil® is bulging out. A dosage has been set and the injection button is pressed without attaching the needle OR when the needle is blocked or not properly attached. You may not be able to fix the needle properly. The rubber seal might even break. Please use new insulin Refil®.