Winning with Diabetes

Biocon ‘Winning with Diabetes’ is an initiative to educate and help patients deal with diabetes to lead richer lives. It is aimed at partnering with the medical fraternity to enlighten and educate diabetic patients in self-help methods including monitoring of blood glucose, exercise and dietary routines in addition to providing helpful tips to control diabetes.

This initiative addresses not only the patients but also involves the caregivers with the ultimate aim of helping the patients with diabetes to lead a healthier and happier life. Biocon Winning with Diabetes runs various patient assistance programmes, Nurses/ Paramedic Education Program; Neuropathy camps; Body Mass Index Camps; INSUGEN Initiation Kits; INSUPen Initiation Kits; Juvenile diabetes support; Diabetes detection camps etc…

The diabetes awareness drive as part of this initiative has been taken up on Radio aggressively and has received overwhelming response.

One of the patient education programmes is called the iTAP i.e. Insulin Therapy Assistance Programme.


As a part of this programme, the patients are provided with a robust training on INSUPen®, timely assistance, awareness about diabetes and various inputs, which help them proceed with their therapy with greater commitment. During the period of the programme, our diabetes care advisors (DCAs) train all patients on INSUPen® and their designated caregivers on injection technique and diabetes care.

Post training, Biocon would be calling the patients from the help line to understand the effectiveness of the training provided. We also have an on-call support as a part of this programme where in, in case of any queries related to INSUPen® one can reach out to our help line.


The helpline provides information in regional languages on managing simple aspects like diet and exercise along with monitoring blood glucose regularly and being diligent with the prescribed medication. It helps patients to understand different aspects of diabetes and empowers them to self-manage their diabetes and check its progression.

This initiative has experienced doctors and qualified medical assistants to carry out counselling towards a healthy happy life free from diabetic complications.

The objective of this programme is to improve the patients’ confidence on therapy, patients’ adherence to the doctor’s prescription, which would lead them towards improved quality of life.